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My soul is tied down by an anchor that slowly drowns me in a sea of bitter ignorance.

I’ve stopped wearing my heart on my sleeve because the last time I did, someone ripped it right off and trampled on it like vicious herd of hyenas. And so, it fell to the ground like the petals of a flower, feeble and forgotten. So I sterilized my walls and I sterilized my heart, rearranging my cells to become a confluent army against the unwanted barrage of emotions that would swell inside me until they overflowed, snapping my bones and splintering my soul.

My heart is blemished, a bleak graveyard of friendships lost, a thick tar running through my veins that haunts me in the form of blackened nightmares where my hands are claws that I turn upon myself, to try to rid myself of the noxious poison of unreciprocated love. For so long, my insecurities were continents etched upon the wide expanse of my skin for everyone to witness, until they took the synapses in my brain hostage and rendered me a slave to their desires.

I used to wait for someone to come along and read me, praying that they would tell me I made sense, that my life wasn’t page after page of broken dreams that never took root, that I wasn’t just one person swimming in a vast ocean of lies. I wanted someone to put me back together so well that I would never realize I had been broken in the first place. Now I just hope that the world stays muted and that my silence speaks volumes, my eyes saying more than my words ever could.

lassitude |ˈlasəˌt(y)o͞od|


a state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy.

I'm just tired of everyone and everything lately. I want to go far away from this place and start anew where no one knows me. 



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Marianne. Dominican. I burst forth fully-formed from my father’s forehead. Directionally challenged. Coffee addict. Food aficionado. Just another paper-cut survivor.

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